Jim Jackson

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Jim Jackson has over twenty-five years of experience in water utilities. He joined Kansas Municipal Utilities as a Job Training and Safety Specialist in 2011 and has since become KMU’s Director of Technical Services. He began his career with the City of El Dorado in the water distribution division primarily as a meter reader but assisted with aspects of the distribution system. During his time at El Dorado, he moved to the water treatment division working in the surface water plant and obtained the Kansas Department of Health and Environments Class IV Water Operator certification. He stepped away from utilities for several years working in the State of Kansas Correctional Facilities as a vocational instructor at El Dorado and Lansing prisons. He rejoined the water utility sector with Jefferson Rural Water District #13 as the district manager. His duties included the operation and maintenance of a groundwater lime softening plant as well as all distribution and management responsibilities. Before joining KMU, he worked for Kansas Rural Water Association as a technical assistant, source water protection specialist, and training coordinator. He has been involved with several emergencies in the state including the tornadoes of Greensburg, Jewell, and Chapman as well as the floods of southeast Kansas and statewide ice storms. He has an associate’s of arts degree in Business from Baker University, Bachelor of Public Administration from Ottawa University, and has attended environmental technology classes from Fort Scott Community College.