• Picture of a person welding in a dim and dark setting with sparks and light coming from the weld
  • Three welding stations, ready for use.
  • Several students look on as an instructor demonstrates welding technique.


About the Welding Program

The FSCC welding program provides students with comprehensive, hands-on training in welding technology. Through the one-year certificate program, students can earn industry-recognized credentials, such as the American Welding Society Structural Certification D1.1. These credentials are entered into a national registry that is portable and available to contractors.


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High school students

Through articulation agreements between FSCC and area high schools, high school students have a seamless path to pursue their educational goals. Students can enroll in welding courses as early as their junior or senior year in high school. 


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Welding classes

Course name Credit hours
Welding Safety/Osha – 10 - WLD 1003 3
Basic SMAW:Shielded Metal Arc Welding - WLD 1013 3
Basic GMAW:Gas Metal Arc Welding - WLD 1023 3
Advanced Welding (SMAW ll) - IND 2023 3
Blue Print Reading - WLD 1033 3
Advanced (GMAW ll) 3
Advanced Welding GTAW Gas Tungston Arc Welding 3
Special Welding Techniques 3

Program core classes: 24

FSCC Welding Department

FSCC East Campus (Armory)

2301 Horton Street
Fort Scott, KS


Career and Technical Education Center of Crawford County

1301 East 27th Street Terrace
Pittsburg, KS


FSCC Miami County Campus

501 Hospital Dr. Suite 300
Paola, Ks. 66071