Placement Tests

Fort Scott Community College is committed to providing a positive educational environment for all students.

The Compass placement test is a self-directed, computerized assessment which evaluates students on their reading comprehension, writing, and math abilities. This test was developed by the American College Testing (ACT) Program to measure the level of basic skills in reading, writing, and math. All students seeking an associate of science or associate of arts degree must complete one of the following:

  • Score of 21 or higher on the English and math portion of the ACT
  • Take the COMPASS test prior to enrolling in English or math classes
  • Have an official ACT score for placement

To ensure that all students have the greatest possible chance of success in college, some students (due to scores on ACT or Compass test) may be required to complete developmental education courses before enrolling in regular college courses in English, math, and reading.

Testing locations

Testing services are available in Fort Scott, Pittsburg, and Paola. No appointment is needed to take the Compass test. Testing is available during regular business hours. For large groups who wish to test, please contact FSCC Student Success Center for scheduling.

  • FSCC Student Success Center
    2108 S. Horton, Fort Scott, KS
    (620) 223-2700, ext. 4300
  • FSCC Pittsburg Education Center
    813 N. Broadway, Pittsburg, KS
    (620) 231-3690
  • FSCC Miami County Campus
    501 Hospital Drive, Paola, KS
    (913) 294-4178

Test length

The Compass test is not timed, but examinees should allow approximately two hours for completing the test. Calculators are provided for the mathematics portion of the test.


Students may take the Compass test twice for free. After the second time, students who wish to improve their scores by taking all or a part of the Compass test will be charged $5.00.

Transferring scores

Compass scores from an exam taken at another institution can be transferred to FSCC (provided that they were taken within two years). Scores from another institution can be converted to FSCC placement levels.

Remote testing

Compass testing can also be taken remotely at a local college or university, provided that the college has the capability for remote testing with ACT. Remote testing requires scheduling with the Student Success Center. Some colleges/universities charge a fee for remote testing.

Test preparation

You prepare for the Compass testing by reviewing the practice material on the website.

For more information

Please contact the Student Success Center at (620) 223-2700 ext. 4300.

Placement Test Equivalency Guide

June 2013


Pre-Algebra   Num Skills   Arithmetic    
0-21   0-30   0-63   Math Skills
22-50   31-44   64-119   Elementary Algebra
51-100   45-55   -   Inter Algebra w/rev
Algebra   Elem Alg   Elem Alg    
0-19   0-30   0-40   Elementary Algebra
Algebra   Int Alg   Algebra    
20-30   31-38   31-64   Inter Algebra w/rev
31-49   39-44   65-97   Intermediate Algebra
50-100   45-55   98-119   College Algebra
  ACT   SAT      
  21 or above 990 or above (Math & Reading)   College Algebra


0-37   0-35   0-59   Reading & Writing I
38-60   36-43   60-85   Reading & Writing II
61-69   -   -   English 101 w/Review
70-100   44-54   86-120   English 101
  ACT   SAT      
  21 or above 490 or above (Writing)   English 101
0-50   0-39   0-65   Reading & Writing I
51-70   -   -   Reading & Writing Strategies II
71-80   -   -   English 101 w/Review
81-100   40-53   66-116   English 101
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