Petition to Graduate

Petition to Graduate

All students must petition to graduate during the semester of graduation by completing the Petition to Graduate form. Students must consult with their advisor, complete a degree audit, and turn in the petition to graduate form to the Registrar. Students must pay the appropriate graduation fees.


It is important to begin this process early in the semester you plan to graduate. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all paperwork is completed by the appropriate deadline as shown below. It is your responsibility to make sure the completed Petition to Graduate form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the appropriate deadline.

I plan to graduate in: Petition to Graduate form due by:
Fall September 22nd
Spring February 15th
Summer July 1st

Please note:

  • FSCC Registrar's Office will make the final determination in accepting your education credits.

  • You must meet ALL the requirements as listed in the catalog year for your degree.

  • Your diploma will be mailed to the Diploma Address as provided on your Petition to Graduate form. If you have any address changes, it is your responsibility to notify the Registrar's Office.

Steps to Complete

  1. Complete the Petition to Graduate form. This is required to have your degree/certificate posted to your transcript and in order to receive your diploma.This form must be filled out.

  2. Consult with your advisor to have a degree audit performed to ensure you meet all requirements for your degree or certificate.

  3. Pay the $50 graduation fee to the business office. Please note, that if you had took the Capstone course (EDU2301, NUR2531, HDT2064, AGT2033) in order to complete your degree, you do not need to pay the $50 graduation fee because your account has already been billed.