John Deere Tech

The John Deere Tech Program is a two-year agriculture technician program designed to upgrade the technical competence and professional level of incoming dealership technicians. The curriculum is designed by John Deere Company and Fort Scott Community College and leads to an associate of applied science (AAS) degree. The program involves attending classroom lectures and laboratory experiences with John Deere products at the FSCC Technology Center in Frontenac, Kansas, and provides a unique opportunity for students to work at a sponsoring John Deere dealership.

The program is completed in five semesters (approximately 21 months). During the program, students learn in a three different settings: on-campus in the classroom, on-campus in hands-on laboratory activities, and internships at a John Deere sponsoring dealership. Each specialized subject is studied on-campus in the classroom and in the laboratory. Two half-semesters (eight weeks each) are spent at a John Deere sponsoring dealership on internship to apply the subjects learned on-campus in real-world situations.


Because considerable time is spent working at the dealership, this program requires students to have a sponsoring John Deere dealership. Students can request assistance in locating a sponsoring dealer from one of the FSCC John Deere Tech instructors. The main responsibility of the dealer is to provide training-related employment for the student during the work experience periods.


For more information, please contact Kent Aikin or Tim Helms at (620) 231-3843.

FSCC Agricultural Technology Campus

1029 N. Highway 69
Frontenac, KS 66763
(620) 231-3843

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