Area Request

Fort Scott Community College welcomes members of the community to request rooms for meetings and events. To schedule a room, simply use one of the online request forms below. Please keep in mind that we are a SMOKE-FREE institution at all of our locations. See the lists below for descriptions of each area.

General Areas

  • Robert and Sylvia Bailey Hall
  • Robert and Sylvia Bailey Hall classrooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Greyhound Room
  • Heritage Room
  • Parking Lots / Grounds Usage
  • Student Union

Off Campus Locations

  • Miami County Campus of Fort Scott Community College
  • Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Technician Training Center
  • Pittsburg Education Center

Agriculture Facilities

  • Burris Hall
  • John Deere Technology building

Athletics Areas

  • Arnold Arena - Gym
  • Arnold Arena - Rodeo Arena
  • Lyons Club Field
  • Betty Ruth Willard Softball Fields
  • Livestock Pens
  • Practice Football Field (80 yards)

Danny & Willa Ellis Family Fine Arts Center Areas

  • Auditorium (600 seats)
  • Meeting Rooms – divided: can be 3 small rooms or opened into one large meeting room with overflow into entry way.
  • Gordon Parks Museum/Center for Culture and Diversity
  • Classrooms
  • Geraldine & Clifford Gordon Courtyard


Arnold Arena / Athletic Fields

Guidelines and policies regarding usage and fees will be discussed and given to you when your reservation is confirmed.

Ellis Fine Arts Center

Guidelines and policies regarding usage and fees will be discussed and given to you when your reservation is confirmed.

All other Locations

During the normal business hours of FSCC of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

  • Non-Profit:  no charge
  • For profit events or events charging Admission - $25.00 fee

After hours 

  • Non-Profit - $15.00    (beginning Jan 5, 2017)
  • For-profit events charging admission - fee of $25.00. 


Priority for usage of FSCC buildings will be given to college-sponsored events.   However other groups/organizations may use FSCC facilities for educational, cultural, charitable, and special events as scheduling permits.

  1. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance for necessary approval. 
  2. All Reservations are required to be made electronically through our website.  
  3. Reservations are not considered agreed to until you have received a phone call confirming your request is approved.
  4. Persons making reservations will be held responsible for any damage to facilities or equipment.   All organizations must have a designated supervisor responsible for equipment and facility.
  5. FSCC reserves the right to cancel any and all activities previously scheduled. 
  6. The use of tobacco products are prohibited in FSCC buildings.
  7. Alcohol and firearms are not allowed on the FSCC campus, facilities or property, except as approved.
  8. Facilities are expected to be in the same condition as found.   All trash must be put in the trash receptacles provided.
  9. No decorations are allowed on the walls without permission.