River & Eating Apples Scene

The River Scene

Scene Information         

The actual filming locations are approximately 300 yards north down the first road on the right, past the entrance gate to Gunn Park. The scenes were 50 yards west of the pump house near the dam.  Scenes filmed here included when Newt, Jappy, Marcus, Skunk, and Beansy go skinny dipping.  This is also the location of the scene where Captain Tuck is shot and killed by Sheriff Kirky who then pays Newt and his friends to dive into the river to retrieve Tuck’s body. This is also where Marcus is shot and killed by Sheriff Kirky in the river.


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Scene Location

The Scene is located near the Pump House and along the Marmaton River between both dams. In Gunn Park, 1010 Parks Ave, Fort Scott


Fun Facts with Notes on Location from the Fort Scott Tribune

  • The reflection of the red pump house is seen in the river scenes in the film.


  • Several residents from Fort Scott were extras in the scene when they were trying to retrieve Capt. Tuck’s body from the river. Most of the extras stood along the river bank.


  • Neighbors and residents in the community stood near the pump house and high bluff watching the filming take place.


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Eating Apples Scene

Scene Information

This was one of the first scenes to be filmed in the movie. It takes place just right after Newt, Jappy, Marcus, Skunk, and Beansy steal apples from Jake Kiner’s Orchard, and when Marcus severely beats Jake Kiner. It marks the moment Newt, backed by Jappy, Skunk, and Beansy, argues with Marcus about how things should be done. This is the approximate location of the scene along the north side of the main entrance road into the park and near the west corner of the tree line adjacent to this open field.


Scene Location

This is located in Gunn Park, 1010 Parks Ave. along the main entrance to the far west near the open field to the north.

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Fun Fact with Notes on Location from the Fort Scott Tribune Newspaper

  • The area between shelter house#2 and 3 in Gunn Park can be seen in the background looking southeast from the location.
  • Other areas of Gunn Park were used such as the entrance to the Marmaton river reservoir toward the far northwest area before the curve to the left on the entrance to the park. The dam furthest west on the same entrance road was also used in a scene when Newt, Jappy, Marcus, Skunk, and Beansy were walking.
  • The first scene of the film took place near the Marmaton River when the boys walk on a wooded path near the river around 10:00am in the morning.


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