About Tri-State HEP

What is Tri-State HEP

Tri-State HEP partners with adult education centers and public schools at their sites. Classes are held at the schools and are either day time or evening classes. Qualified instructors provide instruction, tutoring, exposure to cultural activities, and testing. Tri-State HEP provides information about and payment for medical evaluations, information in regard to post-secondary opportunities, books and materials, testing fees and stipends.

What our program is like

HEP students study in a congenial atmosphere with dedicated, professional instructors.  HEP students enjoy cultural events such as field trips to museums, and graduation celebrations, among other activities.

Student requirements and expectations

  • Students at satellite sites should complete within 20 weeks
  • Complete regular progress tests
  • Participate in cultural events and health evaluations
  • Complete and pass the official practice test
  • Complete and pass the official GED exam
  • Graduate!!
  • Enter post-secondary education, career, or military​