Funeral Scene

three photos of the funeral scene


Scene Information

Saint Mary’s Cemetery is where the funeral scene for Newt’s mother, Sarah Winger, takes place. Several cast members were also part of this emotional scene. The actual location of the funeral proceedings took place approximately 75 feet from the entrance in the southeast area corner of the cemetery. This is the location of the scene where Newt and Uncle Rob walked from the cemetery. They walk down the road by the tall cross to the west of the road.


Scene Location

The scene is located on the southeast corner section of the St. Mary’s Cemetery located at west of second street park, Fort Scott


Fun Facts

  • The Film crew placed several fake headstones as movie props strategically around as a backdrop for the scenes. One of the fake headstones had Booker T. Savage engraved on it. Booker T. Savage was Marcus Savage’s father.


Funeral Cast Call Sheet