Concurrent Enrollment - Steps to Enroll

Receive college credit

Students do not receive college credit solely by attending a high school course. To get college credit for high school classes, students are REQUIRED to:

  • Apply to FSCC online at
  • Pre-enroll in classes
  • Take the ACT/ACCUPLACER test (for English 101 or College Algebra)
    Prior to enrolling in College Physics I: Non-Calculus, the student is required to have taken or be enrolled in College Algebra.
  • Submit full payment (tuition and fees) to FSCC

Steps to enroll

If you have not applied to FSCC yet, please click here to complete the application first. Please note: you only have to apply to FSCC once in order to enroll, regardless of which classes you'd like to take. If you have already applied to FSCC, enroll by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the FSCC Student Portal.
  2. Log in to GIZMO with your FSCC ID and password.
  3. Hover over Registration/Enrollment on the navigation bar and select Add/Drop Courses from the dropdown.
  4. Once on the Add/Drop Courses page, select a term and location to search. Click Submit
  5. Pre-enroll in the courses you wish to take by clicking the Pre-enroll button next to the courses.
  6. Provide FSCC with a copy of your ACT or ACCUPLACER test scores, or make an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER test. To schedule an appointment, call the Fort Scott campus at 620-223-2700, ext. 4410 or 4300 or call the Miami County Campus at 913-294-4178.
  7. You will be enrolled in the class after FSCC receives approval from your high school principal.
  8. Make your payment to FSCC: cash, check, money order, VISA, Master, and Discover cards are accepted. You can also make a payment online or set up an online payment plan.