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FSCC Nursing Department receives 2013 pass rates


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FSCC Nursing Department receives 2013 pass rates

Fort Scott, KS - Fort Scott Community College’s (FSCC) Nursing Department proudly announces their official notification of their pass rate for 2013.

“Thirty out of thirty-four from FSCC passed the national registry exam (NCLEX-RN) for an annual pass rate of 88.23 percent,” said Director of Nursing and Allied Health Bill Rhoads. “The passing standard or level of difficulty increased on April 1st, 2013.”

The national pass rate for all candidates was 83.04 percent and 81.43 percent for all associate degree programs. Rhoads said the fourth quarter pass rate for all candidates in the nation was only at 69 percent. This was lowest quarter pass rate since the National Council began publishing reports in 1993. In addition, the national rate of 83.04 percent was the lowest since 1983 when the National Council began releasing yearly reports. Rhoads feels like this is an indication of the increased level of difficulty on the NCLEX-RN exam. Historically, pass rates will rebound following the adjustment and will slowly rise until the next three-year adjustment is made in the national test plan, which is set for 2016.

“FSCC managed to finish this year above the national average for all candidates and for other ADN programs,” said Rhoads. “This reflects the hard work and success achieved by our students, faculty, and staff during this testing cycle.”

For more information, contact Bill Rhoads at billr@fortscott.edu or 620-768-2908 ext. 11.


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