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FSCC Food Service Philosophy

Great Western Dining Service, Inc. was founded on the principle of individually personalized service to a limited market. We feel there exists in the contract management market a basic need for an organization extremely sensitive to the attitudes and requirements of both its clients and its employees.

Great Western Dining Service is firmly entrenched in the premise that individually customized programming coupled with strong local management representation are the main ingredients in our success. Additionally, we advocate experienced middle management to assist, support and guide our local directors. Our central thought is competent local management is critical to the success of our program at the campus level and of our company at all levels. We feel managers need to be nurtured and encouraged to upgrade their personal performance as well as that of their employees. They accomplish this objective through experienced supervision and training in their daily workplace.

We believe when you or your representatives have questions or special needs, an immediate response is in order. Many levels of management and decision making only leads to confusion, miscommunication and long lead times in the decision making process. Simply put, being close to our customers and aware of their needs and requirements enables a quick responsive solution.

By having the campus dining market as our main business concern, we are not asking our representatives and managers to be “Men or Women of all Seasons". We consider our Directors to be managers of people and culinary technologies with special expertise in the fields of purchasing, merchandising, human resources and motivation as they relate to the campus dining market.

We are an organization of people, established for and oriented toward determining and meeting the needs of our customers.

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