Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI-TEAS) Version 6 Exam

TEAS exams are scheduled in the last half of the each semester.  The exam covers content areas in Reading, Math, Science, and English.  Students are strongly encouraged to take courses in these content areas, obtain preparation materials, seek tutoring, and to extensive self-study prior to taking the exam.  Individuals who have not taken General Biology and Basic Chemistry in high school or college with have difficulty being successful in the science section.


Students are allowed three attempts at FSCC; twice in one semester and the third in the subsequent semester with proof of additional course work or guided tutoring to improve scores.  Exam schedules are made available at the beginning of each semester and are posted in the FSCC Bulletin, on the Nursing Facebook page, and at each of the FSCC campuses.   Students may purchase preparation materials from ATI at www.atitesting.com, and the exam manual is available at the FSCC Bookstore.  Materials from ATI include ATI Smart Prep package, which include online modules, the manual, and practice exams.  Tutoring is available by request through Student Services or the Student Success Center.


Pre-Nursing students must register with the Nursing Office (phone: 620-768-2908) for a test site and test date.  The exam fee is set by ATI and is due payable in advance of the test date.  Fees will not be collected on the day of the exam.  Students will not be admitted to the exam unless they have registered and pre-paid for the exam.  This is a computer-based exam that is ordered in advance of the exam date.  FSCC is invoiced at that time and fees are non-refundable.


There are three versions of the ATI-TEAS exam.  Students who are repeating the exam are provided a different test version for each attempt.  When students register to retake the exam, the Nursing Office needs to be informed if this is the first, second, or third attempt.


The minimum required composite score is 58.7, which places the applicant in the Proficient Category.  Admission points are based on category of performance.


Students who have taken the exam at another testing location may order transcript of their result from ATI to be sent to the FSCC Nursing Office.


The exam is time limited, and each section is timed.  There is an online, four-function calculator available for the math section.  No personal items are allowed in the testing lab, and the exam proctor has the right to deny or stop an exam if academic dishonesty is suspected.