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FSCC Assessment Procedures

Technology Skills Rubric

Criteria – Area of Competence Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Word Processing Student cannot produce work using a word processor without receiving assistance. Student produces simple documents with a word processor. Student produces formatted documents with a word processor, including changes to fonts, line spacing, and margins. Student produces documents with complex formatting, including headers/footers, page breaks, and page numbering.
Email Student cannot use email without assistance. Student sends and receives email. Student sends and receives email with attachments. Student sends and receives email with attachments and demonstrates appropriate email etiquette.
Spreadsheet Student cannot create or navigate a basic spreadsheet without assistance. Student can create and navigate a basic spreadsheet and use it to add numbers. Students can use spreadsheets in applications that require labels and cell references. Students can use spreadsheets in applications that require formatting of data, using formulas, and converting data to charts and/or graphs.
Internet Student cannot perform a basic internet search without assistance. Student can perform a limited internet search with one or few citations/reference. Student can perform an internet search with several citations/references and is able to download files. Student can search the internet, acquiring and downloading information that is relevant and valid for assignments.
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