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FSCC Assessment Procedures

Oral Communication Rubric

Criteria – Area of Competence Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Purpose No purpose is stated, or purpose may not be appropriate. Purpose is vague and may be trite or obvious but provides a plausible response. Purpose is clear, but has a tendency toward the obvious and may lack substance. Provides a coherent response. Provides a clear purpose, a coherent response with substance, and reflects confidence and careful thought..
Organization & Support General statements lack support, detail, and development. Student uses repetition instead of supporting detail. A few general statements are supported. Some details are irrelevant, and some inappropriate repetition is present. Organization is excessively formulaic and may contain lapses. Most general statements are supported. Support may be uneven. Organization may be simplistic but contains no lapses. General statements are fully supported, developed, and illustrated by relevant detail. Organization is well-defined and consistent with purpose.
Speaking Style Student reads entire speech, may mumble or be unclear, or consults notes excessively throughout speech. The student uses no gestures or fidgets wildly. Student reads often but not entirely, may be stilted and unnatural, or may have to consult notes frequently. The student uses few to no gestures or fidgets frequently. The student sounds close to natural and consults notes occasionally and may sound slightly stilted. Gestures may be few or unnatural but do not detract from the message. The student’s voice is natural, and the student appears comfortable in front of the audience. Gestures are natural and fit the context of the speech.
Mechanics The speech has frequent (more than 5) grammatical errors, detracting from the message of the speech. The speech has several (3-5) grammatical errors that detract from the speech. The speech has one or two grammatical errors, but the errors do not detract from the message of the speech. The speech has no grammatical errors in the speech.
Language Usage The student uses extensive slang, incorrect words (meaning doesn’t fit the context), “verbal filler” (um, uh, you know, I mean, well, etc.), and/or mispronounced words, seriously detracting from the message of the speech. The student uses some slang, incorrect words, “verbal filler,” and/or mispronounced words, somewhat detracting from the message of the speech. The student uses vague, unspecific and perhaps casual language, but the student doesn’t use slang, incorrect words, or mispronounced words, and some but not a lot of “verbal filler.” The student uses strong language appropriate to the topic, and contains no slang, incorrect words, or mispronounced words, and minimal “verbal filler.”
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