Program Level Outcomes-Communication & Humanities

  • downward facing photo of a diverse group of people "high-fiving" after a group project

Communication and Humanities 

  1. Research and compose focused, documented work (paper or speech) for varied audiences and purposes using clear, grammatically correct prose.
  2. Complete close reading of a variety of texts, demonstrating knowledge of rhetorical analysis of texts.
  3. Analyze and interpret literature, works, and traditions, assessing works for meaning, structure, and style.
  4. Participate in group discussions through contributing original ideas and considering the perspectives of others.
  5. Analyze and interpret works through drawing on relevant cultural and historical contexts.
  6. Demonstrate critical thinking by synthesizing different works and arriving at original thoughts and expressions.
  7. Demonstrate social and global awareness through the study of cultural perspectives, class, gender, and ethnicity in a global society.