Greyhound Lodge Contract

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This contract is for a dorm room and is binding for the entire 2019-2020 school year, beginning August 19, 2019, and ending May 15, 2020. The signer is financially obligated for the total amount as outlined below. The signed contract, medical form, and application fee must be received before a room will be assigned. 

For a $250 non-refundable fee, students who live in the Greyhound Lodge may keep up to one (1) dog per student in their room if they so wish. The dog must be registered with the City of Fort Scott and all laws concerning pets within city limits must be followed. The dog must be no larger than 40 lbs. The dog must be up-to-date on all shots/vaccinations (proof will be required prior to student moving in). Students are responsible for clean-up of all fecal matter. Dogs are required to be house trained. Failure to clean-up after pet will result in a fine to the student of $50.

Failure to meet the above payment obligations may result in removal from the dorm. Rates are based on double occupancy.

Parent/Guardian Information
Handbook Statement

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I have been offered the 2019-2020 Fort Scott Community College Dorm Handbook and that I am responsible for knowing its contents. I also acknowledge that I know how to locate the handbook online for reference
purposes and updated policies. I understand that failure to follow specified rules and regulations may result in fines, and may result in dismissal from the dormitory. I also agree that I am subject to the conditions of occupancy as outlined in the housing contract.


The undersigned student agrees to accept the terms of this contract and to abide by all the rules, regulations and procedures as stated in the Fort Scott Community College Dorm Handbook. The student acknowledges and agrees that the present existing rules may be changed. Changes become effective on the date posted. They shall be posted on the bulletin board and copies distributed to all dormitory residents.


This agreement is the personal obligation of the student and shall become legally binding upon the signing date.